A Downtown Development Authority for Eagle, Colorado

Creating Economic Vitality and Development Opportunities for Downtown Eagle.

The DDA for Eagle was passed November 2020

The redevelopment plan is well underway with the help and guidance of Downtown Colorado Inc. Stay tuned for updates on all the new and exciting projects to happen to Downtown Eagle!

DDA Boundary Map

The boundary map for the Downtown Development Authority (left) in Eagle Colorado.

What is DDA?

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a quasi-governmental entities that provide both organization and financing for downtown revitalization efforts, including place enhancements, marketing and promotion, economic development, and public improvements that focus on the city center’s vitality and attractiveness. It will be supported with TIF (Tax Increment Financing) and a board selected by the town council of 7 downtown stakeholders (business and property owners) including one town council person. No property taxes will be raised for this proposed DDA. If you are a property or business owner with in the proposed district boundaries and would like to apply to be on this board please let us know! Email your request here: broadwaystreeteagle@gmail.com

Why does Downtown Eagle need a DDA?

To financially help with improvements, events, marketing, business startup costs, beautification, maintenance, etc. The DDA can also be a vehicle to help the town facilitate business recovery efforts from COVID by assisting in supporting the businesses we have now and establishing new ones, while maintaining the Town’s character.

Why would someone not want a DDA?

In some cases, establishing a DDA can raise property taxes. The Downtown Eagle DDA will not.

How will Downtown Eagle's DDA be funded?

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) - reallocation of tax revenue, NOT an additional tax, that comes from the increase in valuation of properties. Future TIF projections used as collateral to secure loans for immediate funding. The formation of a DDA will also make it possible to apply for certain grants.

What are the proposed boundaries?

Please see our map

Who decides and controls which projects will be funded by the DDA?

TIF funds are deposited into a Town of Eagle account, but projects are dictated and managed by the Downtown Alliance-associated nonprofit which is made up of business and property owners in Downtown Eagle.

How are residents within the boundaries effected by the formation of a DDA?

The DDA does not affect the residents or property owners in the district. No property taxes are being increased and it does not affect zoning.

Sounds great! How do we get a DDA established in Eagle?

Town Council had approved the DDA initiative for the ballot this November. Qualified electors within the proposed DDA Boundaries will then vote to establish the DDA. We need your support! Please complete our form to send a message to the Town Council that you are in favor of forming a DDA.

What is the proposed timeline for establishing the DDA?

  • June 23, 2020 – 1st Reading Ordinance Ballot Title to the Town Council

  • July 7, 2020 – Ballot Initiative Approval by Town Council

  • November 3, 2020 - Election Day

Who are the Qualified Electors?

Qualified electors of the DDA includes: landowners, business owners, residents, or lessees located within the proposed DDA District Boundaries. Landowners or lessees that are entities located within the DDA boundaries may officially designate a representative to vote on their behalf.